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Below are the pre-owned coach models that we currently provide specifications for. Click the motor coach photo to get more details.

MCI J4500


MCI E Series


MCI D Series

2000 - Present   1997 - Present   1992 - Present
MCI J4500 - Pre-Owned Coaches   MCI E Series - Pre-Owned Coaches   MCI D Series - Pre-Owned Coaches
Achieving a balance of sophistication and simplicity, the MCI J4500 boasts stunning good looks and steadfast dependability. Our flagship luxury coach is built to impress, from its modern silhouette to its state-of-the-art componentry. "The American Classic" with proven reliability and legendary durability it's the all-time best-selling coach in the industry. Enough said.

MCI G4500


MCI F3500


MCI 102C3

2000 - 2005   2000 - 2003   1988-1993
MCI F3500 - Pre-Owned Coaches   MCI F3500 - Pre-Owned Coaches   MCI 102C3 - Pre-Owned Coaches
The G4500 was designed to meet the rigorous demands of line-haul operation. Passengers will find the G4500 roomy and comfortable, with lots of storage space both inside and below. This 35-foot integral-frame coach is a big idea in a smaller package. It's the carefree choice that’s ideal for smaller groups and shuttle services. A real workhorse. Stainless-steel construction protects this steadfast coach's lower frame from road splash, while high-tensile, low-allow steel gives the upper body integrity and style.

MCI 102A3


MCI 96A3



1985 - 1991   1985 - 1990   1979 - 1984
MCI 102A3 - Pre-Owned Coaches   MCI 96A3 - Pre-Owned Coaches   MCI MC-9 - Pre-Owned Coaches
Aerodynamic design, including front and rear roof caps, provides outstanding fuel economy and performance. Attention to passenger-pleasing design and style are evident throughout this dependable coach. For years our most popular coach, the MC-9 is known the world over. An economic, efficient and reliable choice for airport shuttle, charters and sightseeing tours.


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