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MCI's process of determining which coaches meet our criteria of Select and ReEnergized is comprehensive. It begins with in field inspections, road testing, then upon arrival of the coach to MCI a comprehensive inspection and make-ready process is completed.

Please click on each point below to expand the window for more details. The provided checklist is a representative sample of the items and components MCI inspects on every Select coach.

Undercarriage and Chassis Inspection
  • Mounting Operation
  • Fuel Check
  • Lubrication Performed
  • Filters Condition
General Inspection
  • Coach Detail (Model, Year, Vin, Mileage, Engine and Transmission S/N)
  • Campaigns Review
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher Review
  • Wheel Chair Operation
  • Brake Inspection
  • A/C Inspection
  • Lavatory Operation
Engine Components
  • Engine Compartment Operation
  • Coolant Level Protection
  • Aux. Heater Operation
  • Air Filter Condition
  • Radiator Condition
  • Exhaust System
  • Mountings, Wires, Belts, Hoses and Line Check
Appearance Inspection
  • Fit and Finish Inspection
  • Coach De-Indentified
  • Mirror Function
  • Window Function
  • Seats and Seat Belt Operation
  • Floors Inspection
Electrical System Inspection
  • A/C and Heat Operation
  • Exterior and Interior Light Function
  • Entertainment System Operation
  • Compartment Door, Entry Door and Lock Function
  • Lavatory Operation
  • Dash Operation
Body Inspection
  • Fit and Finish Inspection
  • Doors and Hatches Operation
  • Window and Mirrors Operation
Road Test Inspection
  • Cruise Control Function
  • Engine Performance
  • Brake Operation
  • Transmission Performance
  • Steering Function
  • Suspension Operation